Wednesday, September 3, 2008

notes from today

we have a little one who from day 1 has written her name backwards. every time. it's actually kind of impressive. many of our kiddos do not write their names at all, and with everything else going on in the classroom it has been hard to address the issue with her. she is also very head-strong and does not take correction lightly.
today in house-keeping i was able to do a fast mini-lesson on which way our letters go for the first time all year. it happened so naturally as she was writing her own "closed" sign (yes, we can't seem to get off of the open/closed signs). "opps! let's look at the C here on this chart. do you see which way it's going? can we make your C match this one? now, the 'l' goes here, on this side of the C. our letters always go this way." and we were back to playing.

the clipboard with blank paper has become incredible popular.

i need to get a baby doll to add to house keeping. research i did awhile ago on attachment disorders reflects that discussing how to treat a baby is a good way to discuss attachments/relationships with parents. i need to follow up on this in house keeping.

one of the little ones on my case load is using full sentences quite well in house keeping, although she is not doing it so much the rest of the day. however, another little boy on my case load continues not to use full sentences in house keeping, keeping his communication to gestures and mono-syllabic sounds to communicate. how can i encourage full sentences in house keeping?

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Jenny said...

It sounds like your research is expanding beyond just writing in housekeeping.

(If you need a baby doll, let me know.)