Thursday, August 14, 2008

day 2- introducing interactive writing

today i scrambled to get my writing paper and markers ready for the 4 children in the housekeeping center. i had no idea what would happen when i suggested, "wow, is this a restaurant, we need a sign!" frankly i expected them to ignore me. "yeah!" one girl said. "we'll call it the 'grown-ups only cafe'"
and so we did.
so we got the markers and paper and i introduced the small group to interactive writing as we made our sign. then it was back to playing restaurant, until one little boy announced, "now we're closed!!"
"really?" i asked. "maybe we need another sign..." (would they fall for it again?)
"yeah!" the boy exclaimed. "i need paper, scissors, and a string please". we got supplies we could find, and problem solved around the ones we couldn't. we completed a fast interactive writing sign (open on one side, closed on the other) and the kids proudly taped it up.
one little girl was interested in the paper but really wasn't ready for letters and signs. she made her own with print-like symbols and proudly taped it up as well. since it is play i went ahead and let her.
right as the bell to end free-choice rang i had one little girl started on making her own menu. we'll see if we can continue the excitement later.
lessons from today: tomorrow i need to bring the alphabet chart to help them remember what certain letters look like!

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