Wednesday, August 20, 2008

notes, 8/20/08

today i tried to have a different focus for each of the 4 children at the center. for one my focus was just using language since she just came to us and speaks no english. another was social skills, other was beginning sounds in interactive writing opportunities, and, well, i guess i never came up with one for child #4. oops.

the children became ridiculously engaged in the literacy activities today. i ended up grabbing a clip board for one little girl because she was so enthralled in creating a menu. they set up a store and continued to change the 'open', 'closed' sign during their play. they "wrote" receipts and gave me bills telling me how much to pay. one boy sat down with the phone book and leafed through it, clearly coping an adult's behavior. "look at me!" he giggled "i'm reading this big book!"

i love having the basket of markers, post-it notes, and index cards. the children are immediately drawn to using literacy in their play. before i'd gotten a chance to get over there one girl had already taken a message for me on the phone. she handed me the sticky note with one word "skop". "your mom called." she told me. "she said you have to go to a meeting at school."

one girl wanted to know how to write numbers. after she attempted a 2 and i realized she really couldn't do it i showed her where in our classroom she could see numbers.

*Next time: have a small number line over by the cash register for easy access. Also, bring cover-up tape for interactive writing mistakes. and scotch tape so we can make our signs stand up.

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